[Samba] Samba 4 roaming profiles

steve steve at steve-ss.com
Thu Dec 22 06:04:54 MST 2011

On 21/12/11 21:15, Adam Tauno Williams wrote:
> On Wed, 2011-12-21 at 18:53 +0100, steve wrote:
>> Hi everyone
>> This is our first proper test of Samba 4 and we've been up with an
>> opensuse server, an ubuntu client, an opensuse client and a win 7
>> client. 24 hours without a problem:)
>> 1. We have got as far as deciding where roaming profiles should go. In
>> 3.6 we had them inside the users home folder. Someone said that was not
>> good. Going with the Samba 4 wiki, we put them in
>> /usr/local/samba/var/profiles and used the microsoft remote directory
>> tool to set everyone's profile to that folder. It worked well and the
>> permissions are set correctly too.
>> Does it really matter where they are stored?
> So long as it is somewhere that (a) has reasonable performance (b) gets
> backed up and (c) user's are tempted to mess with them directly [which
> is why home directory overlap is bad].
>> 2, We used likewise to join the Linux boxes to the domain. The Linux
>> Desktop however seems to be stored locally by likewise. It is not
>> available as a windows roaming profile. e.g. creating a file on the
>> ubuntu desktop makes the file unavailable on either the opensuse or win
>> 7 client.
> Yes.  I have no experience with Likewise, but this is the experience I
> would expect.  It would only really work if it mapped some folders in
> the roaming profile to the equivalent XDG folders - I have no idea how
> that would work.
>> I think that this has something to do with group policy. Before I
>> investigate further could anyone confirm whether it is possible to have
>> something like roaming profiles for Linux?
> Usually by automounting the home directory.  All that stuff is really
> part of the home directoy in LINUX [GNOME].  You can do some management
> of the desktop via tools like Sabayon.
Thanks Adam

If I understand this correctly, I authenticate the Linux box via Samba 
4. I have /home mounted on the Linux client via NFS. Under openldap this 
works fine. My problem is with this:

Currently, authenticating against openLDAP, I have the users /home 
folder nfs mounted and so after authentication, all the users settings 
are read as if the user has logged on locally.

If I authenticate Linux via Samba 4 AD, The Linux box has to be joined 
to the domain likewise is creating the users /home folder locally on the 
client and so any user settings are not seen when the user logs in on 
another Linux box.  Is likewise the only way of joining the Linux box to 
the domain?

How do I get the same effect with Samba 4 authentication so that the 
users home folder is read rather than likewise creating a local home 
folder where settings will not be transferred to the users actual home 

Really need to take likewise out of the equation here I think.

Simply, I authenticate using AD. How do I have the user read from his 
own home folder after authentication?

Thanks for your patience.

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