[Samba] Migrate Users from existing Samba4 Domain?

Gémes Géza geza at kzsdabas.hu
Wed Dec 21 23:41:41 MST 2011

2011-12-21 23:59 keltezéssel, Charles Tryon írta:
> I've been using one Samba4 server based on a Fedora14 distro, but because
> of my continuing issues with Bind 9.7 and dynamic DNS updates, I'm trying
> to move to a Fedora 16 base, which includes Bind 9.8 by default (not to
> mention a bucketload of other updates).
> My question: What is the best way to pull the current domain data from the
> first server to the second one?  In particular, I'm looking at users,
> groups and computer accounts.

Considering the default (source distribution) paths you would need to
copy /usr/local/samba/etc, /usr/local/samba/private and
/usr/local/samba/var dirs to your new server.



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