[Samba] Samba PDC cluster with RHCS

Md. Shyfur Rahman shyfur at floralimited.com
Sun Dec 11 11:04:12 MST 2011

Dear Sir,

I have implemented Samba PDC. Its working fine. But o do Highly Available,
I have been trying to make it in 2 node cluster. Everything is running
fine. But facing a problem, which I want to share.

When I shift PDC to another cluster node. Everything is shifting fine. But
my existing user can not log in. The can logged in again if I rejoined that
mechine again to domain. I am explaining little bit more.

Suppose user X can log in to my ClusterNode 1 PDC from a machine Y. If my
ClusterNode 1 goes down all the resources are shifting to the ClusterNode
2. When user X try to log in from the same machine Y. X cant. I need to
rejoined machine Y to the ClusterNode 2 then user X can log in.

My believe. I will get a solution from you. Please.


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