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Hoover, Tony hoover at sal.ksu.edu
Wed Dec 14 07:27:02 MST 2011

We have multiple wireless VLANs.  a guest wireless that only allows web
browsing and e-mail to off-campus servers, a student wireless network that
allows access to student resources, and an administrative wireless network
that allows access to the administrative (business process) resources.  the
student and administrative wireless networks are enterprise WPA2 secured,
with users' university ID login credentials.

To allow samba access from the wireless networks, you need to make sure that
your firewall is passing ports [TCP|UDP]/135, UDP/137, UDP/138, TCP/139 and
TCP/445 or at least TCP/445.

Tony Hoover, Network Administrator
KSU - Salina, College of Technology and Aviation
(785) 826-2660

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Hello again,

At this school I am working we are setting up a wireless network. What would
be the best way to set up the system to this network? How should we log in
to Samba? What should I consider. The wireless system has already been
purchased by people who have left.

Kind regards

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