[Samba] getent passwd fails inside freebsd jail using samba 3.4.14

Kamil Choudhury Kamil.Choudhury at anserinae.net
Thu Dec 1 21:01:49 MST 2011

I know this thread is long dead, but for anyone who was wondering, the issue was 
a faulty compile of the net/samba34 port. 

Turning the log level to 3 in smb.conf, showed the following: 

Error loading module '/usr/local/lib/samba34/idmap/ad.so': Cannot open "/usr/local/lib/samba34/idmap/ad.so"


Recompiling resulted in a perfectly functioning SAMBA install inside the jail. I guess 
the moral of the story is to turn up logging verbosity when confronted with a 


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