[Samba] VFS ACL modules - question to developers

adrian.berlin adrian.berlin at o2.pl
Thu Dec 1 01:55:48 MST 2011

> That's a really interesting document. I'd like to work
> on that with you to make Samba behave exactly how you
> expect.

This is a very good idea :) How can I help you?

> I have a jumbo patch for 3.6.x which should fix the
> issues you're having with READ_ATTRIBUTES/WRITE_ATTRIBUTES.

Where I can get this patch to test it?

> There are no limits in the acl_tdb code that would
> cause it to behave as you describe. What you may
> be seeing are limits in mapping the incoming ACL
> down onto the underlying file system.
> Do you have debug level 10 logs of this ?

Unfortunately not, but I will check it again today with level 10 log and EXT4 and XFS filesystem.

> What is your underlying file system ?


/Adrian Berlin

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