[Samba] CTDB + Likewise-open : What servername when joining AD?

Michael Adam obnox at samba.org
Thu Dec 1 01:35:49 MST 2011

Hi Nicolas,

I don't know for sure, but I cant imagine that likewise-open
comes with ctdb support. You need to ask likewise folks to
know whether there is a suppurted way to run likewise on top
of ctdb.

Generally, when running samba in a CTDB cluster, the principle
idea is that all nodes appear as one CIFS server to the outside.
(in Samba/winbindd you have the same config on all nodes an
in particular set the "netbios name" parameter to the same value
on all nodes). In particular, the AD-connector needs to join
the cluster just _once_ with the netbios name given to all the
nodes. Winbindd uses the secrets.tdb to store the join
information so that in the clustered case, this automatically
transferred to all nodes when a node joins.

I could assist you with winbindd instead of likewise-open
running on top of ctdb as the authenticaion / AD-connection
piece, but I am sorry to say, that I don't know whether this
is at all possible with likewise.

(Note: likewise-open was iirc originally a rebranded winbindd
with some additional gui tools, but this has long been replaced

Cheers - Michael

Nicolas Ecarnot wrote:
> Hi,
> [Context : ubuntu 11.11 64bits, cman, clvmd, gfs2, ctdb, samba, 
> likewise-open, all running fine except...]
> I've setup ctdb to manage public_addresses (to manage one virtual ip 
> actually), and I've explicitely told smb.conf that
> netbios name = foobar_cluster
> I've done that *after* I've manage to make samba, likewise-open and AD 
> to work nicely together.
> I guess now all the setup and domain joining informations stored 
> somewhere in likewise remembers the real actual name of the server 
> (foobar01)?
> So, when trying to reach a share from windows with
> \\foobar_cluster\share01   ,
> I get errors and non working config (I guess the errors are not worth 
> showing - the issue seems clear to me)
> (Reaching \\foobar01\share01 does work obviously)
> Anyway, with such a setup (ctdb + likewise-open), what is the 
> recommended way to setup the server name in samba and in likewise?
> Places where I guess there's something to work on:
> - /etc/hosts
>   don't know exactly? Perhaps have something like
>   foobar01.f.q.d.n            foobar01
>  foobar_cluster.f.q.d.n      foobar_cluster
>   though i'm not sure this helps, as this is already correct in our DNS.
> - /etc/samba/smb.conf  netbios name = foobar_cluster
> - domainjoin-cli ?
>   I saw there's an option to change the server's name, but I guess it's 
> just a shortcut to make changes in the /etc setup?
> - likewise-open registry?
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> Nicolas Ecarnot
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