[Samba] what's the impact if register sessions for the guest user

武志民 wuzm at toyou.com.cn
Thu Aug 25 01:18:55 MDT 2011

Hello all,

       I set up a samba server(3.4.13) that guest has access to it. When I
run command “net status shares parseable” on the server, it shows results
like this:

test\17358\\\pc-vincent\\Thu Aug 25 15:00:49 2011

And there’s no ip address for the client. I googled the reason and hacked
the samba source code, I found this comments in function session_claim() of
file source3/smbd/session.c:

/* don't register sessions for the guest user - its just too

expensive to go through pam session code for browsing etc */

if (vuser->server_info->guest) {

              return True;


I comment out the above code, which is to say, register sessions for the
guest user, and then reinstall samba, there’s ip address in the result of
“net status shares parseable”:

test\7962\guest\guests\pc-vincent\\Thu Aug 25 15:34:37 2011

and everything on the samba server seems right.

I want to know what’s the impact if I made changes like this? 

Forgive my poor English. Thanks very much.





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