[Samba] Windows client authentication in Samba LDAP and MIT Kerberos.

Daniel Lopes de Carvalho dlcarvalho at gmail.com
Sat Aug 27 09:10:51 MDT 2011

Hello Guys!

I have a LDAP/MIT Kerberos (integrated) server and another Samba 3.5.6
server that´s working together.

My windows clients (XP and Seven) are joined in to my domain controller by
this Samba.

All my linux clients are authenticating and getting a credentials ticket
from Kerberos and this is working properly.

I would like to know how can I do to make my windows clients authenticate
through the Samba, but using the Kerberos credentials too, instead of the
Samba password saved in the LDAP database and getting the ticket too.

Best Regards

Daniel Lopes de Carvalho

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