[Samba] How to configure krb5 for multiple domains or domain and its sub-domains

Le, Anh anh.le at cognex.com
Tue Aug 23 09:12:28 MDT 2011

Hi All,

I've configured my samba server (3.5.11) working and joined to my domain pc.example.com. Every user of pc.example.com is able to view the shared folders and files of my samba server without any problem.

However, the users of my sub-domains Europe.pc.example.com  and Asia.pc.example.com could not connect and view the shared folders of my samba server. They were prompted for the passwords and it does not accept their passwords when the users entered. I guess it has this problem because my current krb5 is only setup for my main domain pc.example.com.

I don't know the syntax for the multiple domains or domain and its sub-domains of krb5.conf file. It will be very appreciated if anyone can help me.

Thanks a lot,


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