[Samba] 3.6.0 winbind issues

Linda Walsh samba at tlinx.org
Thu Aug 18 03:11:49 MDT 2011

Michael Wood wrote:
> P.S. Sorry for the mostly off-topic post.

If it's mostly not about samba, it's probably 'ok' t0 NOT cc the list..?


Turning off that param, BTW, did help -- some things that hadn't been
working started, and then gave all sorts of new indications of

With that param on, and due to going to winbind as primary resolver
before local hostfiles, the server and Win7 WS couldn't do name lookups,
but could still do UID/SID lookups...so that's been going on since June.

I tried to revert to 3.5.10, but as 3.6 had already mangled the DB, it was
still mangled w/3.5x...

It's been one long ongoing problem since I upgraded my server's OS
 -- so many pieces of new SW had compat problems w/previous versions
(samba was only one, but has proven to be one of the more difficult ones to
get back 'just right'... -- probably partly to do with my having a manually
allocated, static TDB for the most part.  ... so it turning off that 
param has
allowed my server to be able to comminicate w/itself, and the Win7
WS now has a a happy schannel again, though some reminants of the
up-cased dom/hosts still linger in some DB's -- had to make sure my
/etc/lmhosts file was read BEFORE netbios (nmbd)...as also forces
name-changes ... *sigh*...

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