[Samba] SMB2 weird behavior with samba 3.6 PDC

Linda Walsh samba at tlinx.org
Mon Aug 15 16:28:02 MDT 2011

` Mark Reidenbach wrote:
> I tried enabling SMB2 on our network after upgrading to samba 3.6 and
> experienced the following problems.  Commenting out "Max Protocol = SMB2"
> makes the windows7 and vista clients happy.
>    - [homes] Trying to open a html file in notepad fails on Windows7 Pro
>    SP1.  Opening it in Firefox (default browser) or Open Office works ok.
>    - [homes] Mozilla Thunderbird insists on downloading all the IMAP headers
>    each time it is launched on Vista Pro SP2.

        What is it supposed to do?   My client checks for new headers and
downloads them all on each launch.  Of course what's really fun is when
you get to TB3 or above and it copies all of your IMAP folders into your
local roaming profile by default (and it isn't easy to disable unless
you already know how to do it).

        Great design...down load all IMAP messages from local server, and
then entire mail store gets sent back up to the server in logon (as
profile is stored)... and must be synced on login...  The Tbird people,
apparently didn't (and still refuse to understand  that IMAP is a remote
file-system that's not designed to have all of it downloaded to each
client you login to.  Whereas pop, usually when you d/led it, it was off
the server (though that later changed -- but it still doesn't keep
status the way IMAP does, nor does it have the search functions of IMAP.
You can have IMAP create a searchable DB of your email so larger
searches are lightning fast...instead, they copied my entire 4.5G mail
folder onto each local machine and account i used mozilla on.

> computer or a USB key to samba
>    works ok, 
> but Firefox and Chrome are unable to save files to the samba
>    shares.  They download files ok (e.g. file.part) but seem to be unable to
>    rename the file when the download is complete.
        Yeah that was another problem I tried reporting and to get info on
over a month ago, but never  got a response.  Part of my problem (maybe
all of it), is they changed the idmap backend -- I was using static
UID/GID mappins for the most part,   when I went to 3.6, all of my GID's
changed and my pwdb got very hosed.   Still haven't recovered (most
things work, but winbind refuses to return any info on my GUID, even
though locally it knows what UID it maps to.  But log is filled with
GUID lookup errors for mine and random ones -- alot of "S-0-0".

    The problem on the 'that'file is that apparently smb2 opens the
file you want to save in, first, but doesn't close it -- then downloads
to a .tmp file, and then does a rename over the first (or a copy, not sure

    Anyway server refuses to allow it -- as it thinks the first
file is still open.

    If you have server 'recycle bin' turned on (the samba module), (and
use savetree), you'll find the completed files in your recycle bin
named with some pnnnn.xxx tmp name.   Just rename the file from the server
and copy it over the first. 

>    - [public] Installing programs from samba seems to partially work.
>    Installing Itunes 10.4 for 64 bit windows 7 seemed to work but the Apple
>    Software Update program was not installed (uninstalling, copying
>    iTunes64Setup.exe to the desktop, and running the setup program worked).

Odd, I've had a similar prob w/nvidia's sw-update prog -- but I wouldn't
have though it to be samba related...

Good luck --- I'm back at 3.10 -- and still have figured out how to
repair my DB.

Apparently the DB format got changed, and isn't backward compat (or
something!) -- i.e. when looking up my domain, it tries to look for '*'
first, which it then expecs to hve return the domain.   I have no '*'
entry in my tdb file.  Top level entry that everything is under is the
Domain name.

So many types of lookups don't work.

Had lots of performance problems with MSWin swamping my network
connection really bad -- so that I couldn't play AV hosted on the
server.  Tried every downward tuning option available (my net was
optimized for SMB1 -- 125MB writes/ 119-121MB/s reads over a 1Gbit
net...(max speed, not average!)  But I think that the new SMB2 code is
much 'tighter in windows, so it executes more quickly so it is difficult
for other traffic to get a chance.

Unfortunately MS designed their file-serving protocol to be
undifferentiable for setting QOS on...(i.e. it establishs 1 connection
in the name of 'system', and all I/O to/from server goes through the 1
server.  So no way for a user to prioritize I/O (can prioritize by port,
but as all file  i/o is done through 1 port, doesn't help, and by process,
except that system does the I/o for file processes -- all glummed together.

It's just peachy!

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