[Samba] difference between samba and smbclient

alex wallis alexwallis646 at googlemail.com
Sun Aug 14 12:07:50 MDT 2011

Hi list.
I am wondering if I am running the right software to get my windows 7 
shares mounted.
could someone please tell me, what is the difference between samba, and 
at the moment, I have samba and smbclient installed.
I also have smbfs installed, though I understand this is deprecated, I 
just thought I might be able to get smbfs to work whereas I can't get 
samba, smbclient and cifs to work.
however, I am unable to get any of them to mount my shares,
samba doesn't even seem to try and connect to my share, smbfs and 
smbclient do, but they return a message about no suitable address being 
so out of all of these packages, what do I need to actually have 
installed, as its quite confusing having all these different packages.
I want to share files from windows 7 64 bit to my distro based off 
ubuntu 11.04, I am not going to be sharing from linux to windows 7.

I did install a gui for samba called system-config-samba.
it seems to add a section to my /etc/smb.conf file, containing what I 
put in for the share, but doesn't seem to mount.
You would think they could have created some kind of gui for mounting 
shares, so much easier than the terminal.

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