[Samba] how to upgrade to samba 3.6.0

alex wallis alexwallis646 at googlemail.com
Sat Aug 13 12:08:33 MDT 2011

HI Michael, sorry yes the rest of your message did answer my questions,
I guess I didn't read carefully enough, I am not on many lists where the 
convention is to do in line replying, I prefer top posting, but I guess 
that's me being lazy lol.

Anyway, to clear up the confusion.
What happened was this, originally when I wrote to the list a few days 
ago I was running a distro based off ubuntu 10.04,
obviously the version of samba it was pointing me two was 3.4, I 
actually didn't know individual distro versions pointed at different 
packages, I just assumed they all used the same package versions.
so when I was using the distro based off ubuntu 10.4, that's when I went 
hunting around for a repository that would install samba 3.5.

Anyway, after writing to the list I then discovered that there was a new 
version of my particular distro out, based off ubuntu 11.04, which I 
downloaded and installed.
so now I am running samba 3.5 from the correct repository.

I am no longer getting a permission denied message when I try and mount 
my share,
it gives me some error message about the wrong fs type, but I don't 
think samba is even trying to connect to the share, as it returns this 
error instantly.
I have tried switching off my firewall but this hasn't helped.

I have shared the folders I want to share on my windows 7 host machine,
and I have also added an entry for it to my /etc/hosts file. alex

I know that I am probably not providing any useful information to solve 
this problem, if someone could tell me how to pull up any logs that 
might give us a clue about why my share isn't working I will be happy to 
provide copies to the list.

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