[Samba] how to upgrade to samba 3.6.0

alex wallis alexwallis646 at googlemail.com
Thu Aug 11 11:52:02 MDT 2011

Hi list.
I am a complete newbie to samba and not particularly experienced with linux,
can someone please tell me how do I upgrade to samba 3.6.0?
I have managed to upgrade from the default samba 3.4 that the ubuntu 
repositories provide to samba 3.5, but obviously would like to run the 
latest version I am just not sure what repository I need to add etc.
I am running a version of ubuntu lucid 64 bit, and so will be upgrading 
with the apt-get program.

I would also really appreciate some help getting my windows 7 64 bit 
shares to work with samba, I keep getting permission denied error 13 
when I try to mount.
I sent a message out yesterday asking for help, but it has been ignored.
To be honest I have not found my experience with samba easy or enjoyable.
I am sure once its all set up it will work fine, its just a question of 
getting it configured I guess, and I suppose it doesn't help ubuntu 
provides old versions.
If someone could please help I would appreciate it, as I am about ready 
to give up.
Many thanks,

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