[Samba] Off reply: Need to correct samba4 how to ?

Bob Cavey wedgeshot at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 13:26:57 MDT 2011


  I noticed this thread in the digest mailing.

Actually the HOWTO is correct ( I know lots of folks would just love the ole
yum/apt-get <huge-list-of-packages> and please build it for me too method )
as it states above the distro specific instructions that python-devel is a
required package. I see someone added the extra packages to the RedHat 6.X

I just moved up the Python development into a *Required* libraries so folks
actually check that python-devel is in fact installed before getting all
excited to run ./configure.  :-P

--- past from wiki ---
Step 2: Compile Samba4

Required development libraries:
Python development libraries (python-dev in Debian/Ubuntu) required to

Recommended optional development libraries:
acl and xattr development libraries (libattr1-dev package in Debian/Ubuntu)
blkid development libraries (libblkid-dev package in Debian/Ubuntu)
gnutls (libgnutls-dev package in Debian/Ubuntu)
readline (libreadline5-dev package in Debian/Ubuntu)
------ end past from wiki ----------

Subject: [Samba] Need to correct samba4 how to ?
Hello All

I noticed same minor imperfection on Samba4 How To page.

Installation on CentOS6.

 - Bob

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