[Samba] Change the IP/name of the domain member server

Piotr Legiecki piotrlg at pum.edu.pl
Wed Aug 10 12:37:30 MDT 2011


I have two servers: old production and new to change the old one.

What is the right way to change to brand new server (with new Samba) in 
a way transparent to end users?

Both (old and new one) servers are domain member servers. What I want to 
achieve is to: leave the old servers name and IP but assign them to new 

I have done almost everything, so the new server has the data, the ACLs 
are transfered and are ok, but when I shut down the old server, change 
the hostname of the new one to old one, changed the SID of the new 
server to the old server (using net getlocalsid/net setlocalsid xxx) 
and... booom. When I try to access the shares on the new server (from 
windows) it asks for user name/password just like  the new server is not 
a member of the domain.

So is it possible to achieve what I want?

I'm not sure if other way, by using net ads leave (on new server) and 
then join with changed name (of the old server) would work. I'm afraid 
of loosing the connection to domain controler and all windows 
workstations would not be able to access the new server after joining. 
what is wors, also the old one could (?) have problems then. Looks like 
the trick with the changed SID is not working well.

I hope someone would help me with this. Playing with windows is 
dangerous, some actions are not possible to undo.


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