[Samba] help with sharing files between windows 7 and linux

alex wallis alexwallis646 at googlemail.com
Wed Aug 10 10:27:18 MDT 2011

Hi list.
I am not very experienced with samba, so would really appreciate some help.

I am trying to share files between my windows 7 host OS and a linux 
guest OS being run by vmware workstation as a virtual machine.
the linux machine I believe is a version of ubuntu lucid.

I was able to share files with no problem between xp and this machine, 
but just can't get it to work with 7.
I am mounting as the super user, I always become root with sudo su 
before trying to mount.
Whenever I try I get the error message permission denied error 13.
I have already tried disabling my firewall and antivirus, antispyware 
technology etc. This hasn't helped.
I have tried to mount using the host name of my computer, and its IP 
address, again no luck.
I can't get smbfs to mount my share either, I know that it has been 
deprecated in favour of samba, but a lot of forums on line seem to 
suggest its more reliable than samba.
thanks so much for any help,

The mount command I am putting in is
sudo mount -t cifs //alex/code /mnt/rockbox/code -o 

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