[Samba] a new world | smb2

Martin Hochreiter linuxbox at wavenet.at
Wed Aug 10 00:03:13 MDT 2011

Hi Samba list!

I was very excited that SMB2 is finally working with samba 3.6.0 - great 

I just know that SMB2 has a smaller command set compared to SMB1 and 
this, beside
many other rebuilds of the code makes it faster

As I am completely new to the file transfer protocol world, I want to 
ask a few basic things:

  - is Samba backward compatible ... xp can't use SMB2 as far as I read, 
but the shares
    are still working...
  - how  do I see that a windows client is using SMB2 and not SMB1
  - Do I need XFS or ext4 for better performance in combination with 
SMB2 or
    is this irrelevant
  - Is SMB2 more "secure" than SMB1?


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