[Samba] current maturity Samba 4

Dave Thurston dthurston at comcast.net
Mon Aug 8 08:31:58 MDT 2011

I am using it for fileshares also... (XFS filesystem on RHEL) 


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Em 08-08-2011 09:16, Dave Thurston escreveu: 
> I have been using Samba 4 (alpha 13) for a year now. No major issues. Using it for AD for Mail and file share authentication. 
> A friend just started using the latest alpha for Mail authentication. 
> Granted we are small companies (250 and 50 users respectively). 

Are you using the so-called "Franky"? Do you have to use something else 
to create the network shares or just pure Samba4? 

*Marcio Merlone* 

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