[Samba] migrated from samba tdbsam to ldapsam and now some strange errors.

J. Echter j.echter at elektro-mayer-echter.de
Mon Aug 8 08:14:31 MDT 2011


i finally made it working to logon via ldap and roaming profiles... but 
a new problem is in front of me.

i logged in as user already in db, all data is loaded from the roaming 

but windows complains about securtiy settings (they are risky) in 
internet explorer, also i have u.s keyboard layout i dont' need.

there are also error messages regarding mapping via net use. the saved 
connectioned could not be restored, the stored state wasn't touched.

could you tell me what i have to fix now?

domain SID is the same as the old tbsam domain SID, thats what i checked 

germany keyboard layout is changeable via system settings, but the 
internet explorer security settings are not resetable as it seems.

i read about that ntuser.dat may cause this. i also renamed it to 
ntuser.bak, but i doesnt get created after a user logs out.

thanks for your advice


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