[Samba] tattooing of tdbsam backend with logon script value

Chris Smith smb_77 at chrissmith.org
Sat Aug 6 08:23:53 MDT 2011

All users whose "logon script" values have not been explicitly defined
automagically inherit the value that "logon script" is set to in
smb.conf. And one can change the "logon script" for all such users
simply by changing said value in smb.conf. However, once a logon
script value value has been explicitly defined for a user this
inheritance ability (as the explicit definition should not be
overwritten) seems forever lost. I have not found a method to undo
this tattooed state to allow for the automagic inheritance of the
smb.conf "logon script" value. Therefore said users, who have once had
an explicitly defined "logon script" value can (seemingly) no longer
returned to the state where they use whatever "logon script" is
defined in smb.conf.

Is there a way to reset said users, removing the tattooing effect?



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