[Samba] How to samba ldap and ssl

Ander Punnar ander.punnar at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 00:04:45 MDT 2011

> in debian.

Since slapd is compiled with GnuTLS in Debian,
you will run into problems (I did):

I recompiled Debian openldap source package with openssl.

# apt-get build-dep openldap
# apt-get source openldap
# apt-get install libssl-dev
cd to openldap source dir
edit debian/configure.options
find "--with-tls", and change it to "--with-tls=openssl".
# dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc

And then you need self-signed certs and two lines in your slapd.conf.

Note: I haven't actually installed recompiled packages yet,
so I don't know if it helps. But if you try it, please let me know :)

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