[Samba] SSO's availability

Frédéric Bérard frederic.berard at bbox.fr
Tue Aug 2 12:17:01 MDT 2011

Hello all,

I will introduce myself,
I'm french, about 34 years old and works for a mechanic company.
I've discovered linux in 2006 and I'm really enjoyed by all the things 
that can be done with.

Now this is questions :
Is it possible to configure a system of authentication based on SSO 
samba (and certainly ldap and lot of others things) ?
Is it possible to do this without any windows's system which act as any 
authority ?
Wat I mean is that I would like to do this only one linux's computer....

And the last one of my questions : Could you help me ?

Thanks In advance for all of your answers,


Frédéric Bérard

61, Allée du Clos de Champereux

45160 OLIVET

frederic.berard at bbox.fr <mailto:frederic.berard at bbox.fr>

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