[Samba] Lighttpd + Samba for read/write?

Stan Hoeppner stan at hardwarefreak.com
Mon Aug 1 07:03:11 MDT 2011

On 8/1/2011 7:41 AM, Gilles wrote:
> Hello
> 	On a Ubuntu host, I'd like to be able to read/write files in
> Lighttpd's /var/www from XP.

I have Debian+Lighty+XP.

> By default, /var/www is owned by root.root, while Samba tutorials I
> read usually prefer to use nobody.nogroup.

You sure about that?  On Debian the owner of /var/www is www-data.
Ubuntu is derived directly from Debian.  I'd be surprised if it's that

> How should I configure things so that Lighttpd and Samba work well
> together in read/write mode?
> Thank you.

May not be the perfect way to do it, but this has been working for me
for quite some time:

   fstype = Samba
   nt acl support = no
   valid users = stan
   admin users = root

This is with a workgroup setup, not domain.  Works fine.


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