[Samba] Build Environment

Fenton, Dan dfento01 at harris.com
Tue Apr 26 06:07:01 MDT 2011

To Whom this concerns,



  In the process of building the latest stable version of Samba, Samba
3.5.8, while compiling from Source3 an error was thrown when the
compiler tried to create the libnetapi.so.0 file. This build was
attempted on a NetBSD computer. Another attempt at configuring the file
it was observed that when checking for the libnetapi.h it is not found
during the ./configure  when configuring from Source3 directory. Again
the same build broke at the same point. The following is a quick
analysis of the reported error:


When compiling librpc/ndr/ndr.c there is an undefined
smb_iconv_convience_init' this is due to the inability to link against
libnetapi.so.0 since the library is not built. Looking at bin/
libnetapi.a is built but no libnetapi.so.0 is built. This was done in
from the Source3 directory.


In attempts to get a successful build manually installing the cups,
libmcrypt, libiconv, and pthread libraries allowed for the compiling
process to make it a little farther. However even after doing this the
build failed when trying to link shared library bin/libsmbclient.so.0.
The reason given for this failure was because the compiler could not
find -lpthread, even after the pthreads library had been manually
installed on the machine.


Through more trial and error a successful build occurred when the
Makefile was altered to not link with the pthread.


Have these issues been reported already and what can be done to fix it
so that a successfully build can happen without so many alterations?


Thank you for your help and if you need more information feel free to
e-mail me questions.


-          Dan






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