[Samba] Cannot set ACL for "Authenticated Users"

Arnaud Lesauvage arnaud.listes at codata.eu
Fri Apr 29 04:24:04 MDT 2011

Hi list !

I have found someone having a similar problem back in 2007 
(http://lists.samba.org/archive/samba/2007-April/131574.html), but as I 
understand it, this problem is fixed for a long time now.

So basically, I am trying to give "Authenticated Users" some permissions 
on a folder in a samba share, but when I wheck back either with my 
windows GUI or via getfacl, the permission has just been dismissed and 
nothing ahas changed.

The serveur is running samba version 3.2.7 on OpenSuse 11.

Here is the result of testparm :
          workgroup = dom
          realm = dom.ext
          server string = Samba Server
          security = ADS
          password server = pdc1.dom.ext pdc2.dom.ext
          idmap uid = 1200-20000
          idmap gid = 1200-20000
          winbind separator = +
          winbind enum users = Yes
          winbind enum groups = Yes
          winbind use default domain = Yes
          winbind expand groups = 3

And for the share where the folder is stored :
         comment = data
         path = /srv/samba/data
         valid users = "@LOCAL+Domain Users"
         admin users = "@LOCAL+Domain Admins"
         read only = no
         browseable = no
         map acl inherit = yes
         inherit acls = yes
         create mask = 0600
         directory mask = 0700
         store dos attributes = yes
         csc policy = disable

What should I change to be able to attribute permissions to the 
"Authenticated Users" group ?

Thanks a lot for your help !


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