[Samba] Net rpc strange results

Alejandro Escanero Blanco alejandro.escanero.ext at juntadeandalucia.es
Thu Apr 28 12:37:38 MDT 2011

I have a ldap based domain and different machines with different version 
of samba triing to get the user list from the PDC.
The Server is samba 3.5.6

With version 3.4.7 I do:
net rpc user -S myserver and get 1024 users
same as wbinfo -u

Whi version 3.0 I do
net rpc user -S myserver and get 2875 users
same as wbinfo -u

Any clue?

Alejandro Escanero Blanco
Servicio de Informática Sistemas - GISI
Tel:  671 569 262 (769262)
Edificio Empresarial Aljarafe, mod. 36
41940 Tomares (Sevilla)

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