[Samba] SWAT adduser problem

Tom Duerbusch DuerbuschT at stlouiscity.com
Fri Apr 22 14:15:39 MDT 2011

I have Samba installed on Linux and brought up the SWAT.  This is on SLES 11 SP 1.

Should be easy.

I tried using the default "adduser" script (adduser.local).
I do see that I'm executing it.  (I put an "echo" in it.)
However, it seems to only get 1 parm, which is the user to add.

The script shows that it uses up to 4 parms:
username uid gid home

But no matter what I put in the SWAT Global options, the last 3 parms don't seem to be populated.

Just to see if I was limited to 1 parm, I put the following in:

/usr/sbin/useradd.local %u %g %u %u

In the adduser.local, the echo line I put in is:
echo 'thdon' $1 $2 $3 $4 'thdoff'

What I got back when I was in the "Password" button, and did a "Add New User" was:

thdon tom10 %g tom10 tom10 thdoff skip tests 2 Failed to add entry for user tom10.

So, "thdon" is start of my echo.
tom10 is the user I'm trying to create.
%g was suppose to be a symbolic parm that I thought would be resolved by swat to be the group this user should be in.
The other two "tom10" was just place holders to see that SWAT was passing 4 parms to the script.
"thdoff" was the end of my echo.

The next echo in the script was:
echo 'skip tests 2'
which showed how far I got down in the script.

"Faild to add entry for user", I recognize as an error message that comes from the smbpasswd command.  That command, nor the linux "useradd" command are not part of this script.  I don't know where, under the covers, I'm executing anything else.

So, my question is:
What parms are available in swat to pass thru to the "useradd" script?
%u seems to work.  But none of the others that are listed in the smb.conf documentation.

I would rather have SWAT available rather than teach the administrator how to use the line mode commands to add users.


Tom Duerbusch
THD Consulting

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