[Samba] Kerberos5 packages not needed anymore?

Caspar Smit c.smit at truebit.nl
Fri Apr 22 05:55:30 MDT 2011

Hi all,

I have a debian linux lenny 5.0 server with samba (version 3.2.5-4lenny14)
on it. I want to create a cifs share which uses Active Directory

In all howto's i read that i need kerberos5 to do this, so I installed
krb5-user, krb5-config and libkrb53. I edited /etc/krb5.conf to my domain

Everything works like it should.

BUT i noticed a file in /var/run/samba/smb_krb5 (krb5.conf.TESTDOMAIN) that
seems to be generated by winbind. The config file differs from my

So i purged the kerberos 5 packages (apt-get purge krb5-user krb5-config
libkrb53) and cleaned all samba related stuff in /var/cache/samba,
/var/lib/samba, /var/run/samba
to have a totally clean start.

After starting samba and winbind my connection to ADS was not there, so I
did a "net ads join -U Administrator" and re-joined the ADS.

Then I had to restart winbind again, et voila the
/var/run/samba/smb_krb5/krb5.conf.TESTDOMAIN was generated again and
everything was working like it should (without kerberos packages)

My question is, are the kerberos packages obsolete or do I still need them
for other things?

Met vriendelijke groet,

Caspar Smit
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