[Samba] Printer settings not saved

Thilo Uttendorfer t.uttendorfer at linux-ag.com
Wed Apr 20 08:40:28 MDT 2011


I have problems to save printer settings like changing the
size from letter to A4. This happens for user settings
and default printer settings. The settings are always
resetted to default values like "letter".

The system uses samba 3.4.11, I also did some tests with
samba 3.5.8, but nothing changed.

After downgrading to 3.3.2 everything worked as expected.
I didn't change any samba configuration while up- and

Bug #6727 sounds a little bit like my problem:
"[...] Also if I change the configuration (e. g. configure
4 cartridges instead of 2), it is not be saved)."
But this bug should be fixed with 3.5.8, see:

Can somebody confirm this bug?

Thank you,
Thilo Uttendorfer

Thilo Uttendorfer
Linux Information Systems AG
Putzbrunner Str. 71, 81739 München

t.uttendorfer at linux-ag.com, http://www.linux-ag.com

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