[Samba] raw.convs raw.types

Chris cjdl01 at brokensolstice.com
Mon Apr 18 09:09:51 MDT 2011


I do not know if this is a debian thing or a CUPS thing...  but I have  
set up my printers with raw queues as stated in chapter 22 of the  
Samba docs.  But, I noticed that there is no mime.convs and mime.types  
in my /etc/cups.  Rather, there are two files named raw.convs and  
raw.types.  By default they hold the exact lines in them that Chapter  
22 states they should have (already uncommented).  I thought that  
maybe they just renamed these files in this version of cups (Debian  
Squeeze standard: cups-1.4.4-7).

But, every time I try to print something, Cups always says the job  
completed successfully, when in fact, it disappears into thin air.  No  
error output anywhere, the job just disappears.

I have been looking for a few days now for info on this and I'm coming  
up dry. I have posted on the Debian forums, but no one is responding.

Can anyone shed some light on these two files, and why my print jobs  
disappear?   I have tried this with two different known good printers  
(which work with ppd filters, by the way).

I appreciate any help.


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