[Samba] Inherit ACL does not work properly

Alexander Födisch foedisch at eva.mpg.de
Fri Apr 15 05:59:17 MDT 2011

Am 15.04.2011 13:53, schrieb Miguel Medalha:
>> really? when I try this on a windows system (on local drives) the permissions are set / inherited correct.
> You can confirm this anywhere on the net: when a file is moved, it keeps the original permissions; when a file is
> copied, it acquires the permissions of the destination.
> It seems to me that you are mixing different issues. You say you observed a different behavior. Can you give me an
> example of what you observed? Thank you.

on Windows (local drives):

move a file from A to B and the permissions are inherited from folder B -> correct

on samba server:

move a file from A to B (with the same windows client) and the permissions are kept as set when file was stored in A  -> 
not correct

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