[Samba] Could my project CTDB SAMBA be working ?

Michael GUIRAO mguirao at live.fr
Fri Apr 8 06:16:27 MDT 2011

     working on a new project and i want to know your
    opinion to see if it's possible to do it.

    Here is the global architecture : joint 
    My company is divided in two site, and for now I have only 1 SAMBA
    (Samba 1) on the first site.
    But workers of the second site are complaining about the latency.
    I would like to deploy a Second SAMBA which is a mirror of the
    first, and when someone used a file on one of the two samba, it
    locks the two file on the two samba, to allow only read only.
    And when the file stop being used, the second samba need to be keep
    up to date, and read write is back ont the two file.
    I would like to know if it's possible to do that with CTDB Samba, to
    make a cluster of Samba over the Internet, 
    or if there is a way to do
    that with the classic Samba.
    Thank you for your help. (Sorry for my bad english)
    Michael GUIRAO


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