[Samba] [CTDB] how does LMASTER know where the record is stored?

David Roid dataroid at gmail.com
Mon Apr 11 05:29:03 MDT 2011

Greetings list,

I was looking at the wiki "samba and clustering" and a ctdb.pdf, admittedly
both are quite old (2006 or 2007) and I don't know how things change over
years, but I just have two questions about LMASTER:

< this is from pdf >
● LMASTER is based on record key only
● LMASTER knows where the record is stored
● new records are stored on LMASTER

Q1. From the output of "ctdb status" I can see that LMASTER is bacially
configured as the node itself, then how does each node know where the record
is stored? By broadcast to all nodes or any other way? And more importantly,

Q2. If new records are stored on LMASTER, do these records need to be synced
within the cluster? And when?

Excuse me if this comes off sort of rude, it's just there are not enough
docs of CTDB on samba site.


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