[Samba] getent passwd strange behavior

Zabel, Daniel Daniel.Zabel at coremedia.com
Mon Apr 11 01:38:13 MDT 2011



I have a problem with the combo of CentOS 5.5, the latest Samba Packages
from Sernet and our Active Directory.


Samba Packages installed:








When I try to get all users or groups via getent command, only local
users/groups are displayed.

If I try to fetch information for an individual user or group by getent
everything is working as expected.


"getent passwd cvadmin" shows:





"getent passwd" only shows local users


nsswitch.conf is  configured, domain join was successful and my smb.conf
looks like this:



   workgroup = MYDOMAIN

   password server = ldap.mydomain.com

   realm = MYDOMAIN.COM

   security = ads



        idmap domains = BUILTIN, MYDOMAIN

        idmap config MYDOMAIN:default = yes

        idmap config MYDOMAIN:schema_mode = rfc2307

        idmap config MYDOMAIN:backend = ad

        idmap config MYDOMAIN:range = 100-500000

        idmap alloc backend = tdb


        idmap config BUILTIN:backend = tdb


        idmap alloc backend = tdb


        idmap uid = 100-500000

        idmap gid = 100-500000


        winbind nss info = rfc2307

        winbind normalize names = yes

        winbind use default domain = true

        winbind offline logon = false

        winbind cache time = 180

        winbind enum users = yes

        winbind enum groups = yes

        winbind nested groups = Yes


        server string = %h

        auth methods = winbind

        allow trusted domains = No


We have 2 other Samba Servers using an older Version of Samba with
different configurations (old idmap schema) which both works properly.


Any suggestion how we could solve the problem?






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