[Samba] samba+kerberos problem

Jian Li jiali at redhat.com
Sun Apr 10 21:58:27 MDT 2011

Hi, I get some problem with samba when working on kerberos, would you
give me some advise? thanks

        workgroup = EXAMPLE
        #use kerberos keydtab = yes
        realm =LAB.BOS.REDHAT.COM
        security = ads
        #security = user
        server signing = auto
        kerberos method = system keytab
        path = /tmp/test
        read only = no
        writable = yes

> [root at hp-xw6600-01 ~]# kinit -k root
> [root at hp-xw6600-01 ~]# mount.cifs //intel-sugarbay-dh-01.rhts.eng.rdu.redhat.com/public /mnt -o sec=krb5,user=root,uid=root
> [root at hp-xw6600-01 ~]# ls /mnt
> ls: reading directory /mnt: Permission denied
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