[Samba] Please quit publishing my e-mail address

Hoover, Tony hoover at sal.ksu.edu
Thu Apr 7 09:21:11 MDT 2011

Due to a up-tick in the amount of SPAM my account has been receiving, I
googled my e-mail address, and discovered that my e-mail address, along with
the e-mail addresses of many subscribers to the SAMBA mailing list
(samba at lists.samba.org) are being published in a harvestable form on your
website. Specifically, this page: http://omgili.com/usrmgr.exe-, although
there may be more instances.

Please either obfuscate the e-mail addresses so they can't be harvested, or
remove my e-mail addresses from all your pages.

Thank you.

Tony Hoover, Network Administrator
KSU - Salina, College of Technology and Aviation
(785) 826-2660

"Don't Blend in..."

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