[Samba] what architecture is required for having a samba working ?

Valéry Roché valery.roche at univ-poitiers.fr
Thu Apr 7 07:18:30 MDT 2011

Hi again,

Replying to myself concerning DNSupdates. I found this :
"If you are joining Samba4 to an existing Windows DNS domain, or you are using a Windows DNS server 
instead of bind9, then you need bind version 9.7.2rc1 (or higher) for the nsupdate command to 
correctly work with recent versions of Windows. If you don't have bind 9.7.2rc1 or better, recent 
Windows clients (such as Windows7 and Win2K8) won't be able to do dynamic DNS updates to your bind9 
server, and bind9 won't be able to do dynamic DNS updates against a Windows DNS server."

That should do the work, will try it if I can find some explanations on how to setup Bind9 in this way.

Kind regards,
Valéry Roché

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