[Samba] problem with linux server as domain member in samba pdc

Daniel Müller mueller at tropenklinik.de
Wed Apr 6 00:57:39 MDT 2011

Be sure your ldap-client with getent group and getent passwd is working for
your ldap server on the member server.
Remove your member server again from your ldap-tree.
Stop samba on your member server. Delete your secrets.tdb in /etc/samba.
My config of my member server:
Preferred master=no
Local master=no
Domain master=no
Wins server=your.domain.server
#to be shure
Ldap admin dn=cn=youradmin,dc=your,dc=domain
Ldap suffix=dc=your,dc=domain
Ldap group suffix= ou=yourgoups
Ldap user suffix=ou=youusers
Ldap machine suffix= ou=yourmachines
Ldap idmap suffix= ou=Idmap
Idmap backend=ldap:ldap://yourldapserver
Idmap uid=10000-20000
Idmap gid=10000-20000

Then smbpasswd -a -e root ; must be the same password as for your samba pdc

/usr/bin/net rpc join -S PDC-host-name -Uadminuid%adminpass

Then service smb start

Working for me on any member server

Good Luck
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Betreff: Re: [Samba] problem with linux server as domain member in samba pdc

Hervé Hénoch wrote:
> Hello,
> My problem is the following : I've a domain controller under linux 
> Samba 3.5.5 with LDAP.
> I want to include a Linux Samba as domain member but I've the 
> following error :
> _netr_ServerAuthenticate2: failed to get machine password for account 
> I've put the following in smb.conf :
> workgroup = <mydomain>
> wins server = <ip of my samba PDC>
> password server = <ip of my samba PDC>
> security = domain
> I've too configured nsswitch.conf / libnss and pam so getent 
> passwd/group/shadow  so is connected too the underlying ldap : this is 
> ok.
> net rpc join is successful and I can see the entry in my ldap tree and 
> the secrets.tdb file is created in /var/lib/samba.
> So i've don't understand where is the problem ...
I have a similar installation, but works fine.
PDC: samba 3.4.5 ( use source) and ldap
member server: samba-3.0.28 (comes with RHEL 5.2)
On member server, I did this:
# /usr/bin/net rpc join -S PDC-host-name -Uadminuid%adminpass
# service smb start

Can you make sure
1. there is no ldap config in smb.conf on the member server;
2. getent passwd / getent group show you the same results on PDC and 
member server.


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