[Samba] researching options need advice

Daniel Müller mueller at tropenklinik.de
Wed Apr 6 00:16:22 MDT 2011

You need the group-policy functions served by ads? Samba4 can do that for
you and emulate
a real ads(w2008).

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Another Idea I was thinking was to migrate to Windows AD then Migrate to 
Samba4 but this seems like a long process.. Thoughts?

On 04/05/2011 11:58 AM, Aaron E. wrote:
> Our current infrastructure is Openldap back end with samba3 pdc. With
> 2003 terminal servers Using poledit.exe with policies..
> We are in need of upgrade of our terminal servers. I cannot get the old
> way of policies to lock the server down as I need to function on Windows
> Server 2008.
> What are other people doing? I can't be the first one to run across this
> and can't seem to find anything substantial in googling.
> Advice Greatly appriciated.
> Aaron

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