[Samba] acl_xattr access denied when adding permissions for another user

Thomas Nau Thomas.Nau at uni-ulm.de
Tue Apr 5 07:58:47 MDT 2011

I quick addition:

>> Does "acl_xattr : ignore system acls"  help?
> acl_xattr: ignore system acls = yes
> I added
> 	acl_xattr: ignore system acls = yes
> but it makes things worse as I cannot even grant myself (the authenticated
> user) full access anymore even though I already have the full rights inherited

Seems that behavior was an artifact. I cleaned out the directories and started
from scratch. Now I'm back to the original problem. I can manipulate
my own rights but not add another user. Setting "acl_xattr : ignore system acls"
doesn't change things

Sorry for the confusion

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