[Samba] Disk full / file corrupted

Dmitry Mordovin d.mordovin at dwide.com
Fri Apr 1 08:16:45 MDT 2011


Sorry if I repeated.

I have next problem with Samba 3.5.8

- CentOS 5.5
- Mounted disk image with loop device to /mnt/.sharedDisk

mount (output)
/SharedDiskImage.img on /mnt/.sharedDisk type vfat 

df -h (output)
Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/SharedDiskImage.img 128M  128M  1.5K 100% /mnt/.sharedDisk

- Avail 1.5K space
- I was test with vfat, ext3, ext4 file system.

Samba share /mnt/.sharedDisk folder.

On my windows XP pc I map this share as network drive.
In drive properties I see, avail only 1.5K free disk space

However, I can open existed BMP image (10K size) with MS Paint, resize 
image and save. Paint alert me disk is full.
Now my BMP image size is 54K, and corrupted.

Why 54K if only 1.5K avail?

Above example with MS Paint.
If I use MS Wordpad in same scenario (Save more data than avail) Wordpad 
alert me in half of the cases.

This problem is very important for me.

I thinking, this problem with Paint and Wordpad and have been do some 
alternative test.

I create virtual disk on local XP machine, and try same scenario, Paint 
and Wordpad works well. They alert about disk full and not rewrite early 
saved file.
So, I don't loss saved file.

Does it possible to solve this problem?


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