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Sat Sep 18 21:15:27 MDT 2010

highly-available server, and have links from there to my three single=20
hosts (all with shared SAN access).  Unfortunately, I only have these=20
three servers to work with.

Is there a way I can use DFS with just the three nodes to create a highly=20
available DFS configuration?  Sorry if my terminology is off a little, I'm=
pretty new to DFS.
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Re: [Samba] Highly-available file server question..

On Tue, Oct 19, 2010 at 12:34 PM,  <John_Delisle at> wrote:
> We multiple (3) servers with access to SAN storage using Oracle OCFS2
> (clustered filesystem, allows each of the 3 nodes to simultaneously=20
> to the same SAN disk).  We need to somehow provide Windows clients with
> access to a location on this shared SAN disk, using Samba.  OS is RHEL
> 5.5.

have you looked into DFS?

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