[Samba] Storing Profile remote on Samba PDC only works for one user

Konstantin Kletschke kk at trackitsystems.de
Thu Sep 30 08:09:03 MDT 2010

For testing purposes I removed the membership from
XXXXXXX_user of the group cn=Domain Guests. In the userenv.log no lines

USERENV(b8.a0) 17:11:29:906 RestoreUserProfile:  Entering
USERENV(b8.a0) 17:11:29:906 RestoreUserProfile:  User is a Guest

appeared, but the profile of the user was stored on the server remote
then. Also it got loaded after the initial creation.

My question is (I still can't find an error in my LDAP hirarchy alone),
does take membership in Domain Guests group take precedence over Domain

Kind Regards, Konsti

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