[Samba] manage user for samba shares from mmc

Sebastian.Perkins at swisscom.com Sebastian.Perkins at swisscom.com
Thu Sep 30 06:30:17 MDT 2010


Following a previous question, I want to know if it is possible to get the unix users in a Microsoft mmc share window.

My config:
Debian lenny or squeeze
Samba : Security=user

Acls have been enabled in a mounted xfs partition.

So far from the mmc :
 - I can access the shares,
 - I can put acls on the shares folders and subfolders.

But when I want to access the unix accounts through the user section of the mmc nothing is found (I have tried all sorts of ways to get users !).

I have tried this on debian squeeze and lenny but same problem exists. It's a pity because the QNAP we have here (using linux + samba) works exactly like this with minimal smb.conf and no fancy winbind ldap...

Thanks for any help or information.

Best Regards,

Sebastian Perkins

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