[Samba] Recject machine password change & reject auth request from client ... related?

Martin Hochreiter linuxbox at wavenet.at
Thu Sep 30 02:38:25 MDT 2010


We still suffering on that "Rejecting auth request from client" with our 
windows 7 machines,
and additionally have the problem that windows 7 machines are randomly 
loosing there

May it be that both topics are related, that simply windows 7 can not 
set a proper machine
account password from the domain join on and looses trustship if it 
tries to change the password ...?



Both issues:


I have samba 3.5.4 on an Ubuntu 8.04 running with windows 7 clients.
(ldapsam as background tdb)

I do have log entries of some machines in my samba log:

/netlogon_creds_server_check failed. Rejecting auth request from client
XXXXX machine account XXXXX$/

The user working on the machine does not seem affected in any way by
that "problem" but It would be interesting
how to solve that (that machines still have that behaviour after unjoin
an rejoin the domain - as I thought it would
be helpful to set the password again)

Can somebody give me a hint please?



On 2010-08-09 14:18, Stefan Oberwahrenbrock wrote:
> We are observing the following phenomenon: After 30 days our Windows 7
> clients lose their trust relationship with the samba domain. We think, 
> that
> the automatic machine password change on these clients fails.

I posted a message about the very same problem on July 15.

I think it does not always happen after 30 days (or whatever the change 
interval is set to), but only occurs when the machine password change 
time has arrived and the computer is on, but not no one is logged on 
(i.e. the login box is shown).

Since we are only starting to deploy Windows 7, we simply turned the 
machine password change off in the registry of our imaged installation 
and the few real installations. We had no more problems afterwards.

There are three ways to change the machine password behavior:

DisablePasswordChange = dword:1


MaximumPasswordAge = dword:1000000


Server-Registry (if you have a Windows server)
RefusePasswordChange = dword:1

With Samba + OpenLDAP, set
sambaRefuseMachinePwdChange = 1
in the sambaDomainName=.... entry.


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