[Samba] A question about Samba, authentication, groups, quotas, etc.

Madhusudan Singh singh.madhusudan at gmail.com
Wed Sep 29 11:21:42 MDT 2010

I think I might have worked out the grouping problem locally by simply
adding (manually) the names of members of B to /etc/group, and changing the
directory ownership to the corresponding groups. Its a strange situation as
there are users in /etc/group that are not present in /etc/passwd (they are
Windows AD authenticated).

However, a few irritants remain.

1. When I try to use:

valid users = @localgroupname

it does not permit mounting of the shares (though ssh logins work fine). I
have to use valid users = %U to get past that. Is there some way I could
enter the group membership to smb.conf ?

2. Regarding C. D and E, I have done something similar, and added valid
users = @localCgroupname etc. to the shares definition. However, when I use
a smb login from a Mac client, I see only the home directory mounted and not
the second share that the user is a member of (this user is a member of B
and C).

Any suggestions are welcome.

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