[Samba] Setting Samba Write Cache Size Can Cause File Corruption

Andy Liebman andyliebman at aol.com
Tue Sep 28 16:15:18 MDT 2010

> Well it's because this code must have a bug :-). Volker is
> right, you should check it first with the v3-6-test git tree
> code, as he has done some changes there that might have
> already fixed it (if so we will back-port to 3.5.next of
> course). If not, we'll need voluminous traces to track
> down the exact set of writes that cause the problem.
> Using the vfs_full_audit might initially help.
We just compiled it.  As I said, very easy to reproduce. So, we'll let 
you know what we find tomorrow with the new code.   We have already 
looked at wireshark traces and it won't be any problem to get you level 
10 logs (if the problem still persists).  Fortunately, it's just 1 frame 
of video, so the logs won't be THAT unmanageable.



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