[Samba] map to guest option in ads mode

Vladimir Vassiliev vova at edu.yar.ru
Tue Sep 28 00:39:02 MDT 2010


it seems "map to guest" option works differently in ads mode, namely when it is set to "bad user".
For example, I have domain user "vova" and try to authenticate with wrong password to Samba server 
and then to Windows server:

smbclient -U vova  -L //<samba server>
Surprisingly I got list of shares, i.e. samba mapped user "vova" to guest.

And now
smbclient -U vova  -L //<windows server>
Error returning browse list: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
i.e. how "map to guest=bad user" should behave.

Please, can someone clarify how option "map to guest" works?

Vladimir Vassiliev

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